Tickets for BasqueFest are available!

The New England Basque Club (NEBC) will host Basque Festival, filled with activities to celebrate the Basque culture and rich history. The program will include an exhibition of Basque rural sports, a variety of paellas, pintxos (small snacks) and beverages (white Txakoli, red Rioja wine) with the participation of the different chapters of the NEBC, dance, music performances and much more.


Pintxo Pote Boston

Kaixo! On December 16, 2018, The New England Basque Club celebrated its second annual Pintxo-Pote in Boston. Festivities included a very tasty tortilla de patatas contest, singing and music, and of course, plenty of delicious pintxos! We also carried forward the spirit of Euskaraldia and Euskararen Eguna, with lovely “Aho Bizi” and “Belarri Prest” stickers, […]



The call for applications for Gaztemundu 2019 has also been opened. Gaztemundu is a program also provided by the Basque Government’s department for the Basque Community Abroad for people between the ages of 18-35 that focuses on different topics each year. This year’s program will focus on Basque club and cultural entity management and will […]


New England Basque Club Celebrating MARINELA DAY

On Diaspora Day  – Saturday, September 8, New England Basque Club “remembers the veteran Basque fisherman and also where we come from”.  A day of tribute to look into the past for those who “built the Basque fishing history”. Come celebrate “Fisherman’s day” with the New England Basque Diaspora in Bridgeport Connecticut. Basque style pintxos, paella, […]

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