New England Basque Club Gathered for 2017 Jai-Aldi

New England Basque Club Gathered for 2017 Jai-Aldi

Kaixo denori! On Saturday, May 20, 2017, the New England Basque Club celebrated its annual Jai-Aldi in Suffield, Connecticut.

The event took an even grander turn this year, starting off the fun-filled day with a paella contest. The four teams – Boston, Connecticut Norte, Connecticut Sur, and Rhode Island – cooked up some keen cuisine that left the judges calling a four-way tie. And the diners, of course, were delighted. Next, came the lineup of herri kirolak, our Basque rural sports, to work up an appetite. Apart from the always impressive woodchopping contest between our very own aizkolariak, there were weight-carrying and rock-lifting contests, and two rounds of tug-of-war: one for adults and one for children. After, there was a delicious lunch. The weather matched the mood – sunny and warm.

The lucky raffle winners took home some Basque cider from our friends at Shacksbury and Petritegui. Speaking of victors, Larrine and Meabe won the Mus Tournament.

Thank you to everyone for making this another spectacular New England Basque Club festivity!

Stay tuned for updates about our next event!

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