NEBC Joined the Spirit of Korrika

NEBC Joined the Spirit of Korrika

Members and friends of the New England Basque Club (NEBC) gathered last Saturday March 7th in Newport, Rhode Island, to join the spirit of the upcoming 19th edition of the Korrika. With a walk along King Park, attendees showed their support to the race in favor of Euskera that every year covers the Basque Country from one end to the other. Afterwards, a family dinner was hosted at a local restaurant. As a closing of the event, Marie Claire Resz, the eldest among the NEBC members, shared a commemorative poem she had written for the ocassion.
Eskerrik asko, Marie Claire!

To all my Basque Friends in honor of the 19th Korrika

Korrika, korrika!
The rallying cry
Over oceans and mountains
For us Basques all over the world
To unite
And in the steps of our fathers
To proudly run
Never away
Always onward
To save, develop and protect
The uniqueness of our country
In an ever changing world.
Oh my beloved country
Just ask
And generations after generations
We will run for you
To the end of the earth
Till our last breath
To proclaim
Your everlasting beauty.

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