Pintxo Pote

Join us December 15th for Boston-Style Pintxo Pote! We will be celebrating with our own version of a pintxo pote, where lagunak get together, speak/practice Euskara and celebrate. How it works: Everyone will chip in 25-30 dollars (depending on how many attend). Pintxos and sagardoa (cider) will be provided– but please bring anything else you […]


Tickets for BasqueFest are available!

The New England Basque Club (NEBC) will host Basque Festival, filled with activities to celebrate the Basque culture and rich history. The program will include an exhibition of Basque rural sports, a variety of paellas, pintxos (small snacks) and beverages (white Txakoli, red Rioja wine) with the participation of the different chapters of the NEBC, dance, music performances and much more.

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